Polypropylene Surface

Polypropylene Surface

Polypropylene surface is installed from plates amounting 30x30cm, but the height is 13.3mm. Upon its installation there are applied expansions strips (plates) and edge strips. After the installation the court is lined with bad weather resistant paint.


Polypropylene surface is ideal both for outdoor and indoor halls. It is sun rays and precipitation resistant (rain, snow), it is easy to maintain and install. It may be red, blue, green, yellow and gray. Tennis and multifunctional surfaces differ from each other by surface finish.

It is comfortable to play basketball, footsal, tennis, volleyball and badminton on polypropylene floor.

There are diverse spheres of polypropylene usage. It has certificates of various sports federations, corresponds to quality and environment protection standards.

It is irreplaceable upon arrangement exhibitions and various events.