Mini Golf and Skateboard Equipment, Padel

Mini Golf and Skateboard Equipment, Padel


Mini-golf (lanes) is not only entertainment game, but even the discipline of professional sport.

European and world championships are held in mini-golf. Due to acceptable measures, at present mini-gold devices are component part of hotels, recreation zones and tourist infrastructure.

Mini-golf is an acceptable game for people of all age groups.

“Lanes” of mini-golf are made from various types of materials, metal, polymer concrete, wood and etc. Four types of mini-golf: MINIATURE GOLF, HOBBY GOLF, GREEN GOLF and MINIGREEN GOLF differ in dimensions and standard 18 lanes require from 500 to 1200 sq. m.

Golf clubs and balls of mini-golf differ from classic golf.

Skateboard devices

Skateboard devices are very popular throughout the world. Devices are produced from stainless steel and polymer concrete tiles are placed into the frame. They correspond to safety standard. They are durable during exploitation and easy for maintenance, also have diverse configuration. 


Padel is a sport game that is very similar to tennis. Court’s fence passes to the profile of     padel court and player strokes the ball rebounded from wall. Surface is made from artificial grass.

Padel originated in Spain, though it becomes more and more popular in other European countries.

Racket of padel differs from tennis racket as the rules. Two or four persons can play it.

Padel is a very dynamic sport and when played it the player is loaded in many respects. Padel can be played by people of any age groups.